Providing Professional Environmental Consulting Services Since 1972

Providing Environmental Consulting Services
since 1972.

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image Envicom Corporation is an independent consulting firm that has served California with award- winning environmental, biological, and land planning consultation since 1972. As experts in the implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Federal Clean Water Act, and other National, State, and local environmental laws, Envicom Corporation has successfully completed thousands of projects.

Professional Services We Offer:
  • Environmental Analysis
    CEQA / NEPA Compliance
  • Biology
    Full range of wildlife, vegetation, and jurisdictional habitat investigations

  • Cultural Resources
    Archaeology, Paleontology, and Historic Architecture technical studies
  • Land Planning
    Environmental Constraints / Development Suitability Analysis
  • Permitting / Entitlement
    Federal and State wetland, streambed alteration, coastal development, endangered species permits, Section 7 and Section 10 consultation
  • Compliance
    Post project approval compliance with permit conditions and CEQA/NEPA mitigation and avoidance and minimization measure

  • GIS / Cartographic Services
    GIS, visual impact analysis, full service design and presentation capabilities

Equipped with a team of in-house and closely affiliated technical experts, Envicom Corporation provides a multitude of environmental analysis, permitting and clearance services, including mapping, report preparation, field surveys, and monitoring. Our expanded team includes highly qualified environmental planners, cartographers, biologists, biological resources specialists (including arborists, local plant identification specialists, protocol survey personnel, and delineation personnel), geologists, cultural resource specialists (qualified to evaluate archaeology, architectural historic resources, and paleontology including Native American consultation), noise and air quality specialists, and traffic engineers. In addition, Envicom can provide SWPPP monitoring, as well as construction site restoration plans and monitoring. Additionally, the firm's principals provide expert witness testimony on CEQA/NEPA compliance, eminent domain damages, and Federal and State resource agency permitting.